During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora says she regrets giving her wig as a gag gift during Cynthia Bailey's Friendsmas dinner. Sidora told Andy Cohen, “I’ll own that one. I could have brought something different. I like that I did it because I put it on the table, I wanted to talk about it but I could’ve brought something else.”

She told Andy that she does not regret playing the Prophet Lott recording and she does not regret “running up on LaToya” for throwing the wig at her.

During Bravo's After Show, Drew spoke more about the audio, saying, “I brought the truth with the audio. That was brought to me I did not ask for it, I did not seek it. it was brought to my doorstep in the way that the good Lord would bring it. I just wrapped it up, I put a bow on it. And you hear Prophet Lott admit that he liked Latoya.”


Meanwhile, during an interview with Kandi Burruss on her YouTube Speak On It series, Latoya spoke on rumors that her boyfriend Von Rhe is gay — which was co-signed by her ex husband Adam Ali.

LaToya said, “As I said before, first of all — Von trained Jeffree Star. He’s in the limelight, okay? He is in the LGBTQ community, Von trains many gay people. He also has many gay friends. What’s the problem with that? I don’t understand — there’s no problem with that. So why is Adam making that an issue? Why is he making it seem like the guy I’m speaking to is gay? And even if he had a gay history, okay — so what? That’s something that I have to deal with, not you or anybody else and in fact I would be okay with that because Von and I have an amazing connection.”

She continued, “So it’s like why is he so concerned with the men that I have in my life. I don’t care what he has going on in his life — it’s all about the kids. Whatever’s in the media about Von is false. He did train Jeffree Star that is true. Is he gay, no.”