Real Housewives of Atlanta star Falynn Guobadia is the third woman to call out Michael Costello, claiming that he discouraged her from pursuing a modeling career years ago. Falynn shared a photo of Leona Lewis — who also complained about Michael, and Michael on her IG Story, and wrote, “What’s unfortunate about this story is I had the same experience with Michael Costello, except as a model, and because of this traumatic experience, unfortunately, it was the end of my pursuit to become a fashion model.  I couldn’t bear the embarrassment. Him/his team made me feel very uncomfortable and inadequate.”

She continued, saying that the incident took place after she went to audition for his fashion week show. Falynn claimed that Michael started off welcoming and complimented her on her physique and runway walk. Following the audition, she received an email with a list of underwear to purchase and instructions for the show.

She claimed that things took a turn when she arrived with the proper underwear and was told to wait in line for make-up. She claimed that once Michael and his sister laid eyes on her, they looked at her as if she was “the scum of the earth.” Overall she claimed that she would never pursue modeling due to the experience. Although Falynn did call Michael out, she ended her note stating that she hopes he and his team learned something from experience.