Reports say that Marlo Hampton went below the best during an argument with Kenya Moore. During Sunday's (July 24th), the two got into an argument that lasted for 90 minutes. Kandi Burruss spoke to RHOA guest star Fatum Alford and they discussed Kenya and Marlo's argument, saying, “It was a lot more than what you guys saw, obviously. That argument that they had was so crazy. They was so disrespectful with some of the stuff that they was saying to each other.”

Fatum responded, “… Marlo was very, you know like, just… saying mean things. And I don’t know their history.”

Kandi added, “They didn’t even show some of the stuff that she was saying to Kenya. I feel like they showed more of what Kenya said to her. But they didn’t play any of the comments that Marlo was saying about…”

Fatum asked, “About her daughter? That was brutal.” Kandi responded, “Yes. It was crazy. I was like ‘What?’ They didn’t show that.”