NFL star Richard Sherman has been released from jail without bail. According to TMZ, the judge called Sherman a "pillar in this community." The judge did, however put some conditions on the release, including ordering him to stay away from his father-in-law, as well as not possess any firearms.

The judge also said that Sherman is to not consume any alcohol and ordered him to appear in person for all future court dates.

As part of his ruling, the judge said of Sherman, "I see Mr. Sherman is a pillar in this community. He's a business owner. He's a husband. He's a father." The judge added, "I'm going to release Mr. Sherman on his own promise to return to court."


As we previously reported, the former Seattle Seahawks cornerback was arrested on Wednesday (July 14th) after cops say he physically tried to force his way into his in-laws' home. He is currently facing multiple charges, including resisting arrest and DUI.

Sherman was seen on video repeatedly throwing his body into his father in law's door while screaming obscenities at him.