During an interview with Vogue, Rihanna opneed up about her life as a new mom, saying that she is exhausted. She explained, "I used to get tired and just push through and keep going. This is a tired that you have no control over it. Your body is shutting down.” 

She continued, “It is crazy. It is amazing. It’s wild, it’s weird — it’s all of those things, all at once. The best feeling, the best. The most love I’ve ever known.  I can’t describe it — it’s new, it’s fascinating. Every step, every facial expression, every new milestone. I love it.”

She continued, “I’m patient now.  I thought I was getting better at patience, but this will sit you down. You are forced to be patient as a mom, as a parent, just in general. Your tolerance level goes down, but your patience goes up, if that makes any sense."

On her favorite thing about her baby, she said, “His smile. He is the happiest baby.  No matter what you’re doing or what you’re feeling, when he smiles at you everything else just goes away. It’s the best.”


On why she and ASAP Rocky haven't shared the baby's name, she said, “We just didn’t get around to it yet really.  We’ve just been living." She added, "But I guess there’s a certain freedom that comes with kind of just, like, getting it out there.”

The singer also revealed how having the baby pushed her to perform at the Super Bowl's halftime show. She said, “I feel like it was now or never, really.  There’s this weird sh*t that happens when you become a mom that you just unleash or unlock other parts of your superpower. You feel like you can take on or you could do anything.”

She continued, “I wanted to take on the challenge and I wanted to do something that would force me to get back onstage.  Because when you’re a mom, it’s not important — really. Everything is at the bottom of the priority list. But I’m a performer and I love it.”

On who may appear during her halftime show, she said, “I’m not telling you anything. Lips are sealed. You want to know why? Because I haven’t even decided.”

RiRi gave birth back in May.