Rihanna has opened up abour her pregnancy. She told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s all an exciting journey so far  I’m just taking it as it comes every week. There’s always something new and I’m just taking it and I’m enjoying it.” She also revealed that her pregnancy cravings are "donuts, so far."

As far as her maternity style, she said, “I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I could. And fashion is one of my favorite things, so, you know, we’re defying what it even means to be pregnant and maternal. It can get uncomfortable at times and so you can dress the part and pretend.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with E!, RiRi revealed how it was keeping the pregnancy from her friends and family, saying, "It was harder for me to keep it from my posse, because they're around me, they know my habits.  They're like, 'You don't want something to drink? You're not smoking?' They know I hate sweets and I'm all of a sudden asking for cookies and donuts." She continued, "But finally, I just had to let it all out, and they were all shocked, of course, as the world was shocked as well."