Rihanna has explained why she is so passionate about using her platform to talk about racism against Black people. She told British Vogue, “When I see these injustices happening, it’s hard to turn a blind eye. It’s hard to pretend it’s not happening. The things that I refuse to stay silent on, these are things that I genuinely believe in.” 

She continued, "I think police brutality is probably extremely severe in America, but racism is alive everywhere. Everywhere.  It’s the same [in the UK]. It’s either blatant, which is becoming more and more of a norm, or it’s underlying, where people don’t even know they’re being obvious about it. You know, it’s just a subconscious layer that’s embedded from their entire core.”

Meanwhile, RiRi also talked about her makeup like Fenty Beauty, which caters to all shades. She said, “I’m shocked by people saying, ‘Oh my God, what made you think of making make-up for Black girls?’ I’m like, ‘What? You thought this was like a marketing strategy? Like I’m a genius?’ It’s shocking most of the time.”

She added, “Then it turns into disappointment that this is groundbreaking right now. In my mind, this was just normal."