Rihanna's halftime performance at Super Bowl LVII has received over 100 FCC complaints from people saying that the performance was too sexy. According to TMZ, people felt that the lyrics and choreography were way too sexualized, with some viewers even comparing it to porn.

One viewer in California compared Rihanna's set to Kim Petras and Sam Smith's performance at the Grammys, writing … “I don't care what someone worships but children shouldn't be exposed to pornography and as an adult I don't wish to see it … Where has decency gone? How about respect for others and self?”

In Utah, one viewer wrote, … “This year the halftime show was so indecent I had to turn off the TV because of the pornographic content.”

Rihanna hasn't received that much backlash for her performance. In comparison, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson's 2004 haltime show performance generated 540,000 complaints!!!

In other news, Rihanna is set to perform “Lift Me Up” at this year’s Oscars on March 12th.