Following the premiere of the music video for her latest single “How to Be Lonely,” Rita Ora was met with backlash on social media for the scenes of her writhing around in dozens of smashed eggs especially amid food shortages during the global health crisis.

“Rita Ora is the reason I haven’t been able to find eggs for the past two weeks,” wrote one user. “But did you really waste all those eggs? Please tell me it’s some kind of trick because… I can’t,” wrote another.

The quirky three-minute video also sees the singer dramatically peel a mask from her face and dance with a skeleton.

Rita is seen dealing with being by herself in a number of different scenarios, including one where ants crawl all over her face as she sits on a windowsill in her underwear.

The video also shows Rita bathing in a tub filled with gold liquid, before writhing around on blood-red satin sheets while wearing an unusual necklace holding a model of a heart.