Robin Thicke has revealed that he currently in couples therapy with girlfriend April Love and he has also done therapy with ex-wife Paula Patton to help them navigate co-parenting.

In an interview with Black Girls Texting podcast, he said, “Therapy is not for everybody all the time, but it definitely opens barriers for us, even just to go once or twice. If you’re struggling in your relationship, one visit, one conversation with a third party can change things…

He continued, “Couples therapy has been great for me and April, and it’s been great for me and Paula in co-parenting. We’ve had a few sessions and it’s really helped for us, so I am a total believer in therapy. When you hit a wall and you know you’ve hit a wall and you’re standing still, a great way to knock that wall down is to have a third party or another person help you."”

Thicke went on, adding, “There’s so much emotion when you first break up, and there’s so much stuff that spills over. But time heals those wounds, and she’s an incredible person. Once you can put yourself second, your son rises to the top and you go, 'It’s not about us anymore.' We’re very lucky the way everything has worked out. We’ve never been better. '

Robin says that he and Paula now have a system of “communication and transparency.” He explained, “We’re co-parenting at our very best, and it shows in Julian’s results. He’s thriving and has really blossomed this last year. He’s so devoted to school. He’s the opposite of me: I was the class clown in the back row. He’s in the front of class and loves going to school.