There's a rumor going around that there is trouble in paradise with Usher's relationship with his girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea and it's because Kim Kardashian was flirting with him. According to RadarOnline, Kim has attended Usher's Las Vegas residency a few times. She was also spotted talking to the superstar at the Met Gala last month. A source claimed that Kim was “flirting all night” with Usher at the fashion event, stating, “She didn’t even try to hide it when the photographers came around.”

Another source said that the situation is not what it seems, saying, “Kim’s flirting was totally harmless and that one conversation’s getting blown out of proportion.”

Meanwhile, insiders say that Usher's girlfriend became suspicious of Kim's flirting with her partner. A source said, “Usher swears there’s nothing between him and Kim.” Another source added, “You can’t blame Jenn for being suspicious. No woman wants to feel she’s competing with Kim Kardashian.”