Everyone always asks Ciara what she prayed in order to get a man like Russell Wilson, but no one ever really asks Russell what he prayed in order to get a woman like Ciara. During an Instagram Live session with their friend LaLa, Ciara said that she prayed many nights, saying, “The point is that I prayed many nights. People always say ‘the prayer.’ It’s not just one prayer, it’s multiple prayers… You have to think of exactly where you are and where you wanna go.”

Russell then chimed in, saying, “The funny thing is, everybody asks what was the prayer for Ciara. But nobody really asks me what was the prayer for me.”

He continued, “I was single, I was hanging out this and that, whatever that means… listen, listen, listen… that’s a later conversation… Ultimately though, for me, I’ll never forget being in a space like what do I realy want? Want am I looking for? I wanted a long-lasting relationship, I wanted love, I wanted a family. I didn’t want perfection, I just wanted the perfect thing for me. I ended up writing down my five non-negotiables.”

He continued, “I wanted a woman of faith, I wanted a woman who’s faithful, I wanted an independent woman who has their own identity, and their own perspective of what they wanted to do in life. The fourth thing was I wanted a woman who was gonna love me the way my mom loved my dad when he was on his death bed… I wanted a woman who was gonna tilt the room. If she walks in the room, the whole furniture just slides to her.”

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