Having the number one hit in the country ultimately silences all your critics. But Sabrina Carpenter wanted to ensure that an Internet troll who was critical of her launch of “Please Please Please” was rightly put in their place. After someone mean-spiritedly tweeted out their disappointment about Carpenter’s new single, saying “i dont think ive ever seen someone fumble a second single this hard. My goodness,” Carpenter kept her receipts and just took a well earned victory lap. She posted a screenshot of the troll’s original post on her Instagram, alongside a photo of the current Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, which features “Please Please Please” at No. 1 – with “Espresso” at No. 4 for good measure. Carpenter captioned her post with a message of appreciation, writing, “MY FIRST #1 on the @billboard HOT 100!!!!!!! And espresso at #4. I’m very immensely grateful so i will surely always remember this day for the rest of my life!” (People)