Safaree Samuels has slammed the editors of Love & Hip-Hop for not cutting out a scene where a guitar fell on his daughter Safire. On Monday's episode (July 26th), Erica was telling Safaree that she was pregnant with a baby boy when the guitar fell on Safire. Safaree laughed when the guitar fell instead of rushing to make sure she was okay.


After receiving backlash, Safaree called out the show's producers and editors, saying, "And y’all LHH editors ain’t sh*t. we told y’all not to air my baby falling and y’all still used it. Had us reshoot a whole bunch of bullsh*t and y’all still used that. Y’all don’t have no respect, because that was not my response of me finding out I was having a boy!" 


He continued, "That was tacky and tasteless!! It’s definitely about to be a wrap on my time with y’all. Y’all be wanting too much of ppl time to be doin dat type of wack sh*t!! We filmed a hr long convo for that scene and y’all chop it to 3 mins and use that and make it a focal point. Weak."