Breakout music star Shaboozey is getting set to release his highly anticipated new album, Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going, on May 31. The singer already has a runaway hit with the country/hip-hop hybrid, “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” as well as a creative co-sign from Beyoncé, who worked with Shaboozey on Cowboy Carter. But the 29-year-old musician isn’t letting all that recent success go to his head. “Everyone in their career hopes you can have something like this happen,” Shaboozey said. “Having the rocky career, I’ve had some ups, I’ve had some downs. I’ve had points where I was like, ‘Man, am I really meant to do this? I just needed to write something that connected. I just needed to be consistent. There’s a creative ripple of needing things to be super perfect, which was kind of stopping me. I kind of got out of that, and we’re here.” (CMT)