Track star Sha'Carri Richardson has alluded that her ex girlriend Janeek Brown was abusive towards her. Brown, 24, is also a track star from Kingston, Jamaica. Last week, Richardson shared via Instagram that she was abused by a “Jamaican athlete” who stole from her. She added that she was also subjected to homophobic behavior from the abuser’s family and native country.

In addition to IG, Richardson took to Twitter in response to a comment made about the situation. She said, “Because I was depressed my mother died and was getting beat & I still had to go out into the world …Now I have her strength. Good Morning, Be Blessed.”

Brown also took to social media to address the allegations, saying that everything Richardson has claimed about her are “complete lies.”

But, according to, Brown later admitted that she was abusive, saying, “I was abusive once that there's physical evidence of. And we moved on, and even after then I was trying to move on from that, we still got nowhere.”

She continued, “Yeah, I was going through something – I was finding myself, that's why I am coming to social media, you feel me? So yeah, it's a transformation; I'm going to find myself now. I may look different now.”