During an episode of Kandi Burruss' Speak On It, Porsha Williams' best friend Shamea Morton called out Kandi for backing up Kenya Moore's story about someone having sex with stripper Bolo during Cynthia Bailey's bachelorette party in South Carolina.

During last week's episode of RHOA, Kandi told her assistant Don Juan, “Listen, I didn’t want to tell them that I heard anything, let’s just say I wouldn’t say that Kenya was lying.”

Shamea felt like the comment was unnecessary. She said, “Let’s talk about how ya’ll shady a***es sat there at that table. That was so lame, Kandi you kinda flipped a little bit. You initially tried to plead the fifth then you gonna come and say,’ I ain’t gonna call Kenya no liar.’ Why you even had to say that?! You shoulda just kept quiet like you been doing.”

Kandi responded, “Honestly the way I looked at it is, I definitely was not trying to put the business out there like that. When I get around Don Juan and we talking, the longer we talk, the more comfortable we get. I’m not gonna say Kenya’s a liar, she’s not a liar. The same way Porsha is your friend, Kenya is my friend. I’m not here to be like cosigning.” Shamea replied, “I thought you were doing a great job of being neutral up until tonight’s episode.” Kandi added, “I was just saying…I didn’t go into who was doing what or nothing like that.”