Fans took to social media to drag Ciara for the scantily clad outfit she woare at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. The singer wore a completely transparent, mesh dress with a pair of nude pasties and a black thong.

One person wrote, “This screams I’m unhappy/ AND please give me attention.”

Another person wrote, “Cici, I have always been a fan but you either gon serve God or be in the streets.. Please just pick one tho. Here’s a scripture for you – Revelation 3:16.”

Twitter user Cheyenne Bostock wrote, “Serious question ladies. We know it’s your body and your choice, but at WHAT point is enough ENOUGH? Are there ANY points where it becomes poor taste not only as it pertains to your marriage, but also as a respectable woman to wear certain things in public?”

Some people criticized Russell, with one Twitter user writing, “I love Ciara but hell no….Russell you let you wife walk out naked. Bro you got to step up….”

Another wrote, “I like Russell and Ciara, but that’s why they say Russell weak. At this stage in the relationship he should be able to tell her, this not it. No disrespect!”