Social media has reacted to Nylon Magazine crediting Kim Kardashian for brining back the side part. The publication wrote, “Now, Kim Kardashian is using her power as the ultimate influencer to bring back a hairstyle the internet claimed to have left behind. About two years ago, teens on TikTok declared the side part dead, deeming the hairstyle peak millennial culture.”

Of course people had a lot to say. One person tweeted, “Kim Kardashian didn’t bring back the side part. Literally, every hot girl I know had a side part this year. If you’re white and forgot a hairstyle existed, then say that.”

Another tweeted, “Kim Kardashian is paying Twitter every single day to push some random dumba*s story like “She’s bringing back the side part” to distract from the fact she is decimating California’s water supply and isn’t facing any repercussions for being a piece of lumpy plastic s**t.”