Summer Walker is on the cover of the latest issue of Essence. Inside, the superstar opened up about motherhood. She said that juggling motherhood with her busy schedule can get “really hard.” She explained, “It’s really stressful and it’s really a lot of sacrifice. Sometimes, it’s like, is it worth it? Then they smile and make your day, and the answer is yes.”

Summer said that despite that, there's one thing she wishes she could change. She explained, “I wish that I paid more attention to the person I procreated with.” Summer has a baby girl named Princess Bubblegum with producer London On Da Track.

She continued, “It’s still like you never really know anybody. Even how long you can be with people, you just never really know. People be in long-a** marriages, and they just switch up and you’ll be like, 'Yo, what the f**k?' So, I guess you can just never really know.”