Summer Walker took to Instagram to address Eboni, one of London On Da Track's baby's mamas. Eboni wrote online about Summer writing an album about her relationship with London, adding that "she sat there and watched the way he treated his kids and their mothers." Eboni added that she is "still waiting for the apology like a grown women you say you are." 

Summer responded, "Eboni, you've been doing this for almost 3 years now. Please move on. Your scaring me cause this is clearly obsession. You know I am a advocate for mental health so you might wanna get some help with that pinned up anger you have inside. Please stop mentioning me and my child. I'm very uncomfortable now. & I saw the death threat I Just ignored it." 

Summer asked her followers to report Eboni's Instagram page. Eboni responded, calling the singer "delusional." 

Meanwhile, London took to Instagram to congratulate Summer on the success of her second album Still Over It. He wrote, "I'm grateful! To all my kids imma continue to go hard for y'all 🙏🏽 i'm also extending congratulations to Summer for breaking records..I’m honored to have been apart of it …looking forward to stepping into Gods next chapter.. slatty 🐍 #STILLOVERIT 😎."