The executive producers of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly II: The Reckoning have opened up about getting survivor Dominique Gardner to tell her story In an interview with Billboard, Jesse Daniles said, “Sitting down with Dominique was an incredibly moving experience. We are so proud that she has been able to turn a new page in her life. It was extremely brave of her to share her experience and it's powerful for us to be able to continue to share her journey.”

Producer Brie Miranda Bryant added, “Michelle Gardner was extremely generous in allowing production to film a very intimate journey of her pursuit to get Dominique back in Part 1. We were very curious and hopeful about how her family was doing since being reunited. When she came back to film for Part 2, we all found her story about putting the pieces of her family back together again to be a very emotional journey. Once Jesse connected with and later interviewed Dominique, everything seemed to fall into place.”

The producers also revealed why they decided to get R. Kelly‘s former staffers Lindsay Perryman-Dunn and her sister Jen Emrich to participate in the documentary. Bryant said, “We have never said no to anyone who wanted to sit down.”

Daniels added, “We don’t ever want to turn our backs to people who are part of this story, who want to sit down and tell their side of things. We knew that the backlash the survivors received online was going to be a story we were going to tell, that sacrifice. When we reached out to the two twins, they were actually pretty eager to come on and share their side of how they feel the events went down. They are the ones leading that #unmuterkelly messaging and so we felt like it was important to speak with them.”

Surviving R. Kelly II aired last Thursday , Friday and Saturday on Lifetime.