TLC singer T-Boz sent out a warning on social media after her 22-year-old daughter Chase was  potentially targeted by sex traffickers. The singer said that Chase was leaving a doctor's appointment when the suspected incident occured.

She explained, “Y’all always hear about sex trafficking and stuff like that, so my daughter was just leaving the doctor’s office and when she came to the car she had a weird thing on her windshield wiper…instead of touching it – because when you do, they’ll have some kind of drug substance on there that will make you drowsy and knock you out."

T-Boz continued on, saying that her daughter didn't touch the item.  Instead, she went to a public location where she used something else to knock off the unknown article. However, T-Boz said that in today’s time, people have to go even another step further to ensure their safety. 

She continued, “Now the concern is…I hear they put trackers on your car…Make sure y’all check for trackers so they won’t track you guys home or to the next location.”