Tamar Braxton took to social media yesterday (March 20th) to confirm that she had a run in with Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker a few months back. The situation came up during Tamar's recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, a viewer called into ask about Tamar being “threatened by a peach and her man.” After Andy Cohen asked if it was Kandi, Tamar confirmed but didn't share details.

Later, Tamar went on to Instagram Live to explain the incident, saying that Kandi confronted her about how she responded to Kandi’s allegation about Carlos King stealing the rights to tell Xscape’s life story. Tamar said she wasn’t “comfortable publicly calling someone else a liar without knowing the legit facts.” After Kandi confronted her, things escalated and this is when Todd allegedly got involved and told Tamar “You know what it is.”

Kandi respondd to Tamar, suggesting that she was playing the victim. Tamar responded by accusing Kandi of trying to “deflect and condone her man’s behavior,” which Tamar called “abusive and disrespectful.” She later called Kandi “a billy goat” and said that she was “the most non-singing a** person in the entire music industry.”

Kandi later addressed the drama during an Amazon Live, saying,”The only thing I’ll say right now is, simply, that’s not true. My husband never said nothing to her. He did not threaten her.”

She continued, “She and I did have words, but he didn’t! Some people like to twist things a little bit, but we could talk about that later on a different platform.”