Tamar Braxton did an interview with Tamron Hall, which aired on Tuesday (October 27th), and she explained that the incident that took place in a car with ex-boyfriend David Adefeso was not physical, despite what David has said. Tamar said she has audio of the incident while David has video footage because there is a camera in his car and that he should release the footage.

David, however, has said that she punched him in the throat, which resulted in him filing  restraining order against her. Now, according to TMZ, David claims that Tamar allegedly destroyed the video footage of the incident. A rep for David told the outlet that Tamar destroyed the camera to make sure that there isn’t any evidence. The rep also said that David's dashcam only captures video from the front and back of the car. Additionally, the alleged attack cost David nearly $1,600. And now, he allegedly has to spend a total of $7,500 in damage. 

Tamar has responded to the claims via Twitter, writing, “Somebody @ this man that according to the court documents he filed.. he states that he has the footage backed up..so is he lying to y’all or the police? Cause he sure lied about domestic violence & the 30k in damages when @tmz he said it was 1600 then 7500? Make it make sense.”

She continued, “I swear I just wanted to tell my truth and maintain my integrity even while being talked about and lied on and constantly attacked for months while I’ve said nothing. I’m being dragged to court from someone who said “they love me” for a restraining order and we have NO CONTACT!”

Tamar added, “As a victim of domestic violence, I take domestic violence accusations seriously..& DAVID was NOT& IS NOT a VICTIM! I wish he had some type of integrity for me and keep whatever happened in our relationship private. I am trying to heal and move on and  i wish he would stop this.”