Tamar Braxton has opened up about why her divorce from Vince is taking so long. In an interview with Wendy Williams, Tamar said, “Vince and I are not enemies. We co-parent really really well." She added, "Vince has been under the weather, so I’ve been holding down the fort. But we’re not enemies.”

On the divorce, she said, ["Everybody knows that Vince and I are estranged. . . . Well, it's the paperwork, Linda. And it's LA. When you have a lot of things together, and LA just period, it just takes forever. You know? But, we haven't been living together for two years."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC . . . for two years)

She also talked about her new man whom she has nicknamed T'Challa. She said, ["He does not have any desire to be famous. He's like 'you have your life, I have mine.' He has a finance firm, a couple of them around the country. He has a lot of clients and he's really serious about his firm and his clients. Protecting his image is protecting his clients and I have to respect that."] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC . . . to respect that)

Tamar also revealed that she would love to have another child but it is highly unlikely due to fertility issues.