Tamar Braxton took to social media to reveal that she thought she caught the coronavirus earlier this week. She tweeted, “Is there a such thing as a cold or flu anymore? No I’m serious? Did the Rona take that sh*t away too? 🤔.”

She went on, “so, I got sick yesterday. My nose was running, i was sneezing, i had chills, I felt hot then cold…ya know all the omg, wtf this is the Rona signs🤦🏽‍♀️… really felt worse than what i wanted to say outloud but you get me… I go to work anyway, and when I come back from my office and I go to call my mama.. she left and went to Toni.”

Tamar goes on to say that her son Logan says that he is hungry but she feels “horrible” so she calls her family to see if they could come over to help her with her son.

She continued, “No ONE CAME!!.i called Logan’s father to come and get him cause I can’t help him. he don’t come in the house to pick him up.. he’s out side. Logan is like 'dad can you help me get my things'? His dad said NO!!! .. I’m like wtf??.. so he leaves and I’m home alone STARVING & weak.”

Tamar added that one of her friend's ubered her some medicine but now one came to help her in person because they didn't want to catch the virus. She added that her mom “didn’t even stay on FaceTime long cause she thought she was going to catch it through the phone.”

Turns out, Tamar didn't have COVID-19.

She said, “The doctor finally comes and I get another rapid test. Like my second test this week. Thank God It’s negative. But I’m still sick AF..Do u know, thT my mama came back, Logan is on his way, people wanna come over to see me? TF?? The moral of the story is the RONA is real And if you get this sht you will have fin for yourself! so WEAR YOUR MASKS and stop playing cause you are going to have to rely on YOU to pull yourself out of this. Shout out to all my lonely Rona people. No one talks about that part. Get better!”

Tamar later clarified that she works from home, so she didn't leave her house to go to work thinking that she had contracted COVID-19.