Tamar Braxton's boyfriend David Adefeso has given an update on the singer and reality star after she was hospitalized for an alleged suicide attempt earlier this month. Adefeso told The Blast in a statement, “On behalf of Tamar Braxton, I want to thank her fans and the public for the ongoing thoughts and prayers. Tamar is a beautifully talented woman, a devoted mother, a loving girlfriend, a dear sister and a special friend to countless people.”

He continued, “This is an extremely difficult time for Tamar and her family as she navigates professional and personal struggles including her battle with depression. Tamar is currently receiving the best available medical attention to address those struggles and strengthen her mental health, and her family and I will remain by her side throughout her treatment.”

He added, “Mental health is a common issue, affecting 1 in 5 Americans. Please continue to send prayers and hope as Tamar continues the path to recovery and ultimate happiness. We ask to please respect Tamar’s privacy, and her family’s privacy, during this important time of healing.”


Meanwhile, reports say that one of the reasons Tamar allegedly tried to kill herself was due to her being unhappy with We TV and the direction of her new reality show Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life.  

Last week, audio of the 911 call that Tamar's boyfriend made was released and in the clip, he was heard saying, “She was very angry earlier on, she had trouble with her network … the company she’s working with. And they did something today. No no way.”

According to The Jasmine Brand, a report said that Tamar questioned David’s motives during the 911 call as the family felt that David was more concerned with the network rather than Tamar’s condition and that he was also overly involved in Tamar’s business decisions and was concerned with how his portrayal on the show would make him look. A source close to production said, “David’s behavior on the show, with Tamar and production was alarming. He wanted to be VERY involved and wanted to be on camera, way more than expected from the very first day.”

The source continued, “David constantly acted like he wanted to be behind-the-scenes and didn’t want to be on camera, but when production began he was always trying to be on camera. Even when he wasn’t scheduled to be in a scene – he would make sure that he was involved in some way and would make the scene about him, so that he could get more time on camera. He wanted this to be the ‘David and Tamar’ show.”

The source added that when he wasn't on set he was “always calling Tamar and stressing her out."

The source said that once David saw the trailer for the show and how he was portrayed, he became very upset. The source explained,“This reality show was different in that the audience saw exactly what was shot. Those scenes where he’s inserting himself into the process, yelling at Goli (Samii) and telling Tamar what to do and how to handle herself – that’s what really happened. And I don’t think he expected to come off like that – he doesn’t want the world to see that. He was livid when he saw it. This was supposed to be his big moment where he was officially introduced to the world and that’s not the image he wanted to portray.”