Tami Roman has revealed that she and Shaunie O' Neal are no longer friends. The former Basketball Wives: LA star visited One on One with Keyshia Cole and when asked about Shaunie, she said, “I thought in my mind that we were close. I thought that we had a camaraderie and a sisterhood and a mutual respect for each other. I found out over the past three seasons that the lack of friendship was shown rather than the sisterhood as it pertained to me, which was unfortunate because I care for Shaunie.”

Roman said that Shaunie has showed favoritism towards her nemesis Evelyn Lozada. Roman revealed, “I think that when I went back to the show, Basketball Wives LA in 2015, I thought that cast was great. We had Mehgan James and we had Brandi Maxiell, we had Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie. I thought it was great. And then 2016 entered what I like to call the demon seed.”

She continued, “The whole dynamic changed. And for me it was just not a happy place to be once she returned. And this is no secret. She doesn’t like me, she never has liked me, I tried to be friends, and so now I’ve accepted that she doesn’t like me, so now I don’t like you.”

When asked if she'd ever be able to work things out with Evelyn, Tami said, “I tried numerous times. I really and truly did, and to find out that there were a lot of workings going on behind the scenes and emails being sent and negative, derogatory things being said about my health and my miscarriages all the way up to network executives, I felt like at that point, that was crossing a line for me. So there was no way we could have worked together, for me.”