Terrence J was dragged yesterday (June 11th) on social media after his Instagram Live with Marlon Wayans went viral. During the live, the conversation got heated when Terrence suggested that Marlon's career wouldn't exist without the help of his older brother Keenan Ivory Wayans.

Terrence J told Marlon, "Let me school you on something- This ain’t all about your family. Your family can’t bail you out of this one." Marlon responded, "Let me tell you something about family: I don’t never need them to bail me out of nothing…you gon’ respect the tribe. Tell me another family that has done what we’ve done…you’re disrespecting the culture."

Terrence responded, "Get off of Keenen Ivory Wayans’ lap for just two seconds…some of us have to make it on our own. That’s all I’m saying!"

Marlon responded, "N*gga, nah! Now you talkin’ crazy!”

After Terrence was dragged all over social media, he revealed that the entire thing was a parody, saying, “THE AWFUL TRUTH with me and Marlon is a COMEDY Parody show. NOT REAL. The segment is called 'WHAT HATERS SAY.' New episode today. Please tell the ppl in the back.”

Marlon Wayans and Terrence J go at it in new parody :

Terrence J and Marlon Wayans says they were just joking :