The Beyhive went off yesterday (July 13th) after the 2021 Emmy  nominations were announced and Beyonce's 2020 Disney + special Black Is King didn't get a single nod. One fan wrote, "Beyonce submitted a dozen entries at the emmys and got 0 noms.." 

Another tweeted, "Beyonce's team submitted the visual and thematic masterpiece Black Is King for 12 categories at the Emmy's and if failed to nab a single nomination. In the past she's been nominated for other films Homecoming and Lemonade, but she has yet to win anything. They're racist."

Another person tweeted, "In the year of our lord Beyonce 2021, having an all white writers room for your show where you comment on the politics of the US is A CHOICE. #Emmys #LastWeekTonightIsOverrated."