In a new study by ZipHealth centered on people who listen to music during sex, the findings determined that the Weeknd, Kanye West, and Deftones were the most popular musicians to play during intercourse. Deftones were the lone metal or hard rock act in the Top 10, which also featured artists like Drake, Lana Del Rey, and Kendrick Lamar. ZipHealth used the information shared by the 1,000 respondents to their survey, along with analysis of Spotify playlists that used the words “sex,” “having sex,” “making love,” “freaky,” and “BDSM.” And in the BDSM-themed playlists, the top spot went to Nine Inch Nails, who were chosen as the No. 1 BDSM artist while also having the No. 1 BDSM song with “Closer.” The No. 1 song overall across all the sex-focused playlists is Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl.” (Consequence of Sound