In new court docs, the siblings that have filed a lawsuit against Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears for a skit that they were involved in as minors entitled Through A Pedophile’s Eyes, are looking to discuss a settlement. As previously reported, the skit was done back in 2014 and starred John and Jane Doe, who were 7 and 14 at the time. John and Jane Doe alleged that they were groomed and sexually assaulted during the skit.

According to RadarOnline, John and Jane Doe say that they are interested in discussing a settlement but after reaching out to the actors’ legal teams, there hasn’t been a response. They also claimed that although they’re being ignored, Haddish and Spears “have instead chosen to reach out to my mother to get her to force my brother and me to settle.”

Jane added that she contacted Haddish's attorney to discuss the terms of mediation, which include the actress paying for the sit-down that “must take place in Las Vegas within the next two weeks.”

If mediation results in a finalized settlement, Jane requested that Haddish walk back on her statement about the lawsuit being rooted in extortion “and state she never intended to harm my brother, mother and me.” Jane also wants a public apology from Haddish, as well.