Tiffany Haddish agrees with Mo'Nique — she doesn't think we should wear bonnets at the airport. She told journalist D’Shonda Brown, “Now some people do be wearing things that I don’t think they should be wearing. Mo’Nique was talking about the bonnets in the airport and all that stuff, and I agree with her on that. You spend all this money for an airplane ticket, you might as well get dressed up because you never know.”

She continued, “I was always taught to make sure your drawers are clean and you look decent, especially when you’re moving and traveling around because if something happens to you when they got to cut your clothes off, you want to be decent. It’s about respecting yourself.”

She added, “I ain’t going to lie to you, I run out in the streets in my bonnet sometimes just to run to the store real quick but we got to have some dignity in ourselves. When you dress a certain way, it tells people how you feel about yourself.”