R& B singer Tinashe has found a new purpose through the Black Lives Matter movement and protesting. The singer, who attended nine BLM protests in one weekend, recently shared how activism has impacted her life with TMZ Live. She said, “I mean for me, it gave me a point of focus especially when you don’t know how long we’re gonna be in this situation. How long we’re gonna be stuck in the house. It feels like what’s my purpose? What am I doing? If it’s not creating art then what’s the point?  . . . I think having something that you can fight for, something that means a lot to people.  It’s really truly, truly  important and to have the time to dedicate to the issues. To research,  to help spread awareness, I think it’s long overdue.”

She added, “I think it’s one thing to just continuously post about on social media. It’s an entirely other thing to bring it into what we do, how we earn money, how we make money. For me to be able to perform a concert or to donate funds that I made . . . However I can to give back to the people at this time is really important.”
As far as the future, Tinashe said, “There is some hope. The fact that we’re having these discussions. The fact that all of this is happening. I think any time that there’s trauma, there’s usually change. Any time there’s a crazy situation going on, it usually leads to brighter days or better days in the future. I’m hopeful that we’re having these conversations. That we’re holding people accountable. That we’re being active so yeah I’m optimistic.”