During the latest episode of his Let's Go! podcast, Tom Brady said that Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction was a “good thing for the NFL.”

Brady said that during the 2004 Super Bowl, which saw the New England Patriots go up against the Carolina Panthers, he didn't see anything. He explained, “Even I remember when we beat Carolina…We came off the field and that was when we had the wardrobe malfunction with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. The media was asking me about that. I couldn’t even understand what they were telling me about. They said, ‘Did you see the halftime show?’ and I said, ‘I didn’t see anything.’ I was thinking about the game.”

He continued, “I think in the end, it was probably a good thing for the NFL because everyone got to talk about it, and it was just more publicity and more publicity for halftime shows. Is any publicity bad publicity? That’s what they say, so, who knows?”