Toni Braxton has opened up about losing her sister Traci Braxton to esophageal cancer. In an interview with The Tamron Hall Show, Toni said, “I’m a rain girl, I love when it rains. My sister Traci, she loves when it snows and she died that morning when it was actually pouring down snow in Virginia. So my sister is now a snowflake. And her favorite bird was a hummingbird and I saw a hummingbird the other day and it just kind of flew around and kind of suspended itself and I was like ‘Traci?’ And it started bumping and going up and down. So that made me feel so much better, I felt like she was trying to say hello to me.”

She continued, “To lose one makes it a little more difficult sometimes. I wake up every morning and go, 'Did I dream it? Did I dream it?' And I have to remind myself, no, she's gone, but she's been here with us for fifty years, so I try to relish in that moment and try to smile and be grateful for the time you have.”

Toni also reflected on Traci's last moments, saying, “She had so much love. The hospice nurses were incredible. You never think that it’s going to happen to you and your family. So you have to remind yourself to enjoy the moments, be happy and it’s okay if you fuss and fight but just enjoy the moments and try to just smile and be happy. Be kind to one another. I’m okay today, so it’s okay.”