Tory Lanez has alleged that while on the set of Nafe Smallz’s “Good Love” video, the director tried to substitute a dark skinned model with a lighter-skinned woman. He took to his social media and shared a clip from the video shoot, showing that he stopped the shoot and brought the original woman back on set, telling the lighter-skinned woman that she is beautiful. Tory captioned the post, saying, “This is an On -Going problem in our community of entertainment that needs to stop . As a black man , Sometimes I’m going to joke about the black community just like we all do . BUT WHAT IM NOT GOING TO DO IS ALLOW ANY OF THESE DIRECTORS TO DE-VALUE OUR BLACK WOMEN … countless times I’ve seen directors swap out our women of color for women of lighter complexion, or women with straighter hair ETC . … IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS ARTIST TO STAND UP AND NOT LET THIS HAPPEN .. it’s BEEN time to embrace our woman of color.” 

However, according to Complex, DJ Akademiks posted a series of Instagram posts that conflict with Tory’s claims. Akademiks said, “The women who were in the #torylanez video and also the directors are claiming it didn’t go down the way Tory described it on Instagram.” One of the women in the video also allegedly wrote that Tory said to cut the video “to make it appear as if it had something to do with race."