Social media roasted actress and Howard University dean Phylicia Rashad for a statement she made about Howard University's Blackburn Takeover protest.

A video surfaced over the weekend that captured Rashad and sister Debbie Allen in an interview, sharing their thoughts on the protests. In the video, Allen — a former Howard graduate, said, “We know what the Howard student body needs. In any country when the students don’t speak out the nation is not doing well.”

Rashad then said, “When the students do speak out and they have been heard and their concerns have been addressed and it’s still not enough, what about that? That’s what’s going on now.”

Allen replied, “So are their concerns being addressed?” Rashad then walks away and tells her sister to “come inside.” As the two walks away, Rashad seemingly tells her sister to stop talking to the reporters. She said, “I wouldn’t get into that if I were you.”

People reacted to Rashad's comments, with one saying,”Not Phylicia Rashad being a disappointment.” Another person wrote, “She was outside of fine arts calling the demonstrations an embarrassment and saying that we students were devaluing a Howard education.”