Tyler Perry has revealed that four people from two of his TV shows have tested positive for COVID-19. He revealed during an Instagram Live interview, “We had a couple of concerns. We had four positives.” He continued, “We had 160 people check in the first day, go to their rooms, get tested and wait for their results. Nobody was able to leave their rooms. We had two positives in that. So we had them escorted out and got the help that they needed.”

Tyler added, “200 people checked in [soon after] and we had two positive inside of the 200. We had them escorted out and got them the help that they needed. So we had four before anybody left their rooms, before anybody started work. Those rooms were kept closed and off limits to anybody until after we finished shooting.”

When asked if the two cast members of The Oval that have tested positive were in Atlanta, Tyler responded, “No, one person is in North Carolina and the other person is in Atlanta, so they wouldn’t be on a plane flying in. So we’re just waiting. We need two negative tests before they can come back to work.”