Tyler Perry has revealed that he is avoiding talking to his 7-year-old son about about race. During a recent interview, he said, “I haven’t had the conversation with Aman because he’s only 7, and I want to hold out as long as I can. I don’t want to tell him that there are people who will judge him because of the color of his skin, because right now he’s in a school with every race, and all these kids are in their purest form.”

He continued, “When he describes his friends, he never defines them by race. So, the moment he loses that innocence is going to be a very, very sad day for me.”

He added, “I know it’s coming, though, because he’s already asking some really tough questions. What I want him to be, more than anything, is somebody who sees injustice, speaks out against it, and effects change.”

Tyler Perry shares his 7-year-old son with his ex girlfriend, model Gelila Bekele.