Usher was dragged on social media on Saturday night (April 16th) after he made a comment about Nicki Minaj. After the Ludacris vs. Nelly Verzuz battle on Instagram, the co-creator of the VERZUZ,  Swizz Beatz hopped on Instagram Live Usher.  During the conversation, Swizzy mentioned a match between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim had been mentioned among fans. Usher responded saying Nicki Minaj "is a product" of Lil Kim.

Of course, The Barbz came for Usher. One person wrote, "why y'all bringing up lil' kim, leave her 9 stans alone. the real gag is that nicki would eat up usher on a hits battle." Another wrote, "Usher said nicki is a product of Kim like Nicki ain’t surpassed kims ass 10 times over and Kim can’t even rap no more. How can a product out do the original? No sequel to a amazing movie does well most times… so how can nicki be a product of another b*tch? Nicki is nicki Stop sign." 

Alot of people agreed with Usher, with one person saying, "You n*ggas dumb. Usher wasn't wrong. That'd be the same as saying Mariah vs Ariana would be weird. They're both great but let's not act like Queen B wasn't the blueprint for Nicki and others. #Usher."

Usher says Nicki Minaj is a product of Lil Kim :