Bossip has reported that Usher is requesting that Laura Helm, who alleged that he gave her herpes, testify about her health history. As previously reported, Usher has been dealing with the ongoing lawsuit stemming from accusations that he infected Helm back in 2017 after they had sex twice.

The Jasmine Brand reports that earlier this month, Usher’s legal team officially subpoenaed Helm’s medical team to testify about her overall health. Usher is seeking testimonies from Helm’s doctors in Atlanta and New Orleans. He also wants the medical centers where the doctors are employed to present Helm’s medical records from 2012 to present. The records request includes test results, prescriptions, diagnoses, payment records and doctor communication records.

The information Usher’s legal team will obtain from the testimonies will be used in the singer’s defense in the lawsuit.

Helm’s doctors are set to testify in April.