Vanessa Bryant has revealed that she out about her husband Kobe and daughter Gianna's death on social media. As previously reported, Bryant is suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for their role in passing around images of the crash site where Kobe, Gianna and seven others died in 2020.  

As part of the proceedings, Bryant had to undergo a deposition, where she was asked various questions about the circumstances around Kobe's death. When asked how she found out about Kobe and Gianna's deaths, she said, she found out about the crash on social media but was confident that her family survived. She later realized Kobe passed when she saw "RIP Kobe" all over social media. 

She explained, "I was holding onto my phone, because obviously I was trying to call my husband back, and all these notifications started popping up on my phone, saying 'RIP Kobe. RIP Kobe. RIP Kobe.' My life will never be the same without my husband and daughter."