Boyz II Men star Wanya Morris has denied dating Brandy when she was underage. Rumors swirled for years that Brandy dated Wanya when she was 16 and he was 22. The singer took to Instagram Live to speak on the rumors, saying, “Brandy and I were friends in the beginning. Her mother reached out to me as well as my manager reached out to Brandy because Brandy was a big fan of mine. I was young at the time. I wasn’t thirty-nothing.”

He continued, “So what happened is, she became kind of like my little protege. I’m actually the one who introduced her to Vida Spears and Ralph Farquhar. They came to us to actually do a TV show on the UPN network and I said, ‘Well you know, Brandy’s down the hallway and she’s basically, she was on the Thea show.’ The show came to fruition. My mom and I wrote the theme song to the Brandy show, so Brandy and I were really, really close.”

He then said that after Brandy became of age, they realized they had feelings for each other. He explained, “Once she turned of age, we had been hanging around each other so much that there came to be some sort of connection. An intimate connection. We actually fell in love. Now, we were young. That’s what happens. You’re young and you fall in love. Especially when you have the ability to be around somebody a lot.”

According to Wanya, things ended because he and Brandy out grew each other. According to singer Adina Howard, Brandy and Wanya broke up because he fell in love with her.