Welcome to Sweetie Pie's star took to social media to drag his ex Jenae. Earlier this week, his mom Ms. Robbie put Jenae on blast on Instagram, saying that she was keeping her grandson from her.  Jenae responded, saying that Ms. Robbie didn't come over to the house where Jenae already had plans for her son. She also claimed that Tim hasn't seen their son in four years, has not paid child support and claimed that he abused her when they were together.

Tim reponded on Instagram in a video, saying, “You know I would never say anything disrespectful about my son’s mother. Out of respect for my son cuz I don’t want him to grow up and see that. But you’re putting me in a position where I have to defend myself."

He continued, "You want to paint me out to be a deadbeat dad. Why don’t you tell people, the last time I picked my son up, I had him about an hour and half and you started blowing me up to bring him back because he had to do his homework and take a bath. And as I get to the house, I take him out his car seat, he run to you. And the police come out of the backyard. You had the police waiting on me in the backyard when I was coming to drop my baby off. You set me up! You don’t do that to no Black man. You don’t do that to no man, especially a man who spent 10 and a half years in prison. There’s nothing you can do to make me ever forgive you for that."

He went on, "I will never come to that house again, ever. And as far as child support, as far as me being a deadbeat, why don’t you give me my change.  Why don’t you sell that five bedroom, five bathroom house with the waterfall in the back, the swimming pool and the big Jacuzzi. Why don’t you sell that and give me my change? Why don’t you sell that Beamer that I got you after you didn’t want the Porsche no more and go back and get that Chrysler Seabring you was driving when I got you. Give me my change. All that furniture you’re still sleeping on."

Tim went on to say that he isn't working and that is why he hasn't paid child support. He said, "Why don’t you give me my change cuz I ain’t working no more. I ain’t on tv. I don’t have an image to protect. I ain’t got to protect a check no more. I ain’t got a check no more. I ain’t got it. Them people are probably gon say I owe you about 400 or so, I ain’t got it. Why don’t you sell some of that stuff and give me my change."

Tim also alleged that Jenae slept with one of the cameramen of the show, saying, "And why don’t you tell them that the reason I left you in the first place was because you decided to sleep with the help. You slept with the cameraman. We had to get a whole new tv crew around season 3. Shout out to Jose, I ain’t no ill feelings toward you bruh. She needed some attention and you gave her that. You was with the boss and you slept with the help. So that’s why I left in the first place. And every time, I didn’t want to film with you, you threatened to take my son. That’s the only reason you were still on the show. And my momma forgave you. My momma forgave you cuz she love that baby. And I stayed quiet and they let you film. I was trying to be a good dude. Everybody else forgave you, I ain’t never forgive you."

Tim also said that he begged Jenae to see his son for years.