Wendy Williams' brother Tommy Williams has claimed that Wendy did not attend her mom Shirley Williams' funeral. In a YouTube video, Tommy said, “I don’t understand how a person can miss out on giving a salute to the one person who is always there, who always showed support. I don’t understand how a person cannot go to a funeral and hold up the one person or the family member that you do have, the parent that you do have left, and just move on. Keep it moving . I don’t understand how to keep living somebody who could cause that type of pain.”

Williams also revealed that Wendy's ex Kevin Hunter attended his mother's funeral. He said, “Wendy’s ex Kevin came out to support the family and I appreciate that. There’s no malice that I have towards him, never will be there. He made a choice, it was a poor choice and it was the one that broke the camel’s back. – But I appreciate him coming to the funeral for my mother.”