Wendy Williams has opened up about her well-publicized divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter. In a radio interview, she said, “…Kevin became an a– for lack of a better word . . . the more successful I got and he got, and we believed in each other, the more of a jerk he became.”

On his mistress Sharina Hudson, she said, “This girl, wasn’t the only one. She just happens to be the one who kept his baby.”

She added, “I’d know about her since almost the beginning. I’ve known that Kevin was a serial cheat. The first time I found out was while I was pregnant with our son on bedrest.”

Meanwhile, during Wendy's show yesterday (January 26th), she also mentioned Kevin and his mistress Sharina Hudson, who gave birth to Kevin's son in 2019. She said, “I can’t believe how fearless I am and I can’t believe how many people have been drawn into my situation over the 12 years that I’ve been here entertaining you on television.”

She continued, “Welcome to ‘Hot Topics’, Sharina Hudson… Getting out of my car, with my money. Good morning, Journey. I think she’ll be three next month, don’t ya know. Good morning, Kevin. It’s my truth.”

Wendy's Lifetime movie airs this Saturday at 8pm EST.