Wendy Williams' Lifetime biopic aired this past weekend. According to The Jasmine Brand, in an interview before it premiered, Wendy said that she hopes the film makes her ex husband Kevin Hunter “regret the day” he met her. She said, “Kevin was cheating on me early on after I said ‘I do.’ We were married for almost 22 years and we were together for 25 years. And Kevin…to me if you cheat on me and I found out about it, and it wasn’t this girl that he had the baby with. Kevin was a serial cheat. Kevin would just cheat. So if you’re cheating on me while you’re married to me then chances are you were probably cheating on me after our second date.”

She continued, “When I love and I’m devoted and I’m loyal to you, that’s who I am. And when I’m going to get rid of you, when I am going to exact revenge, it’s going to be a long, swift, twisted, rusty knife.”

Wendy added, “I hope that he alone wishes that he never met me. I hope he regrets the day that he ever met me.”


Wendy on her cocaine habit:

“I did over nights . .. it became 'Oh, you gotta stay up.' I started doing a lot of coke. . . . I got high like five days a week. . . . It was no big deal. And no big deal became a big deal.”

Wendy on having two five month miscarriages:

“The entire city saw me have two five-month miscarriages. I was out doing public appearances with a burgeoning belly, and I had to deliver the babies with the epidural and the 'push, push, push.' And the nurses, they said, 'Do you want to know if it's a boy or a girl?' I said, 'No!' 'Do you want a funeral?' I said, 'Just go.' Go!”

Wendy when she found out about Kevin's mistress Sharina Hudson:

“I hired a PI to follow my husband and this guy is telling me that Kevin is in Miami with the girl . . . Art: Charlamagne introduced Sharina to Kevin. . . Initially she was attracted to someone else but Kevin had his eye zeroed in on her.” . . .Wendy: ” . .. Kevin's so stupid, what a stupid gorilla. The PI had pictures of them going to the gym, going to dinner . . . He was tricking up money, she was in the passenger seat of my Ferrari. I mean, really?”

Wendy on when she found out that Kevin and Sharina lived together:

“This is a good come up for a 32 year old woman who's been involved with my husband for 10 years. Pulled out my spray paint and I spray painted 'Wendy and Kevin forever.' . . . And I'm just cryiing have a good ol time in my own head. Sayng, Alright Wendy, you've always been strong, you gotta hit show, you've gotta beautiful son. What do you do when you find out your marriage is about to be all the way over?”

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