The staff of the Wendy Williams Show is trying to bring Wendy Williams back for the show's finale. According to Page Six, show sources say a lot of people on staff “feel like there should be a tribute to Wendy or some kind of farewell.” The source added that at the end of the day, “It’s her show and she’s not there for it,” they added.

The source insists that staffers want Wendy to come back for one last show because “they have all these fond memories.” The source explained, “People want her to come back… A lot of people — especially the mid and low-level producers — signed up for the job because of Wendy. It feels like it’s just going to end without her. It’s weird.

Meanwhile, another source told us that staffers are still traumatized over Wendy's alleged erratic behavior in recent years, saying, “There have been days where people thought they wouldn’t have a job because she wouldn’t show up to work, so this idea that there’s some conundrum? No.” The source added, “She held the fate of almost 125 staffers’ ability to care for their families in her hands. They’re glad they finally have some security in their life with Shepherd’s show.”

Wendy's final episode is set to air on June 17th.